The Power of Your Dollars

$25 – Pig

$60 – Fencing & Veggie seeds for 1 family

$100 – Water system for 1 family

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The Ripple Effect, Inc.

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TRE is a registered 501C-3 non-profit charity


We would like to acknowledge some of our wonderful sponsors…

Many thanks to:

Miracles in Action


Guatemala Human Rights Commission [/su_column]

General Humanitarian Aid

The needs that come to me while living in an area that is classified as extreme poverty are many and varied. Help that I can offer through TRE or personally when budgets allow are considered a one-time gift or help to relieve an immediate need. Although TRE works upon the principle that it is important to help people help themselves, I also believe it is a gift to the giver to share compassionately with our neighbors. When there no longer is a wall of separation between wealth and poverty, sharing becomes more of mandate if we are to ‘love our neighbor’.

We want to acknowledge here the support of Miracles in Action. They continue to generously share with us blankets, hats, sweaters, school supplies and stuffed animals. It is always a joy to gift a community or group with this extra help.

Other forms of humanitarian aid TRE has been involved in are:

  • Building of a school and clinic in Nueve Puntos
  • Paying for medical bills and bringing in medical supplies for the sick
  • A monthly food service for widows
  • Stoves for cooking
  • Gifting of seed grinders for grinding corn and thread for weaving traditional clothes.

Any donation marked ‘Love our Neighbor’ or ‘General Humanitarian Aid’ will be applied to these act of kindness.

creating new opportunities for the Ixil people of Guatemala through sustainable programs for change.