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tre newsletter 2018

Happy 2018 and thanks for your continuing support.

As you know T.R.E. is a small organization with nearly all of its budget going straight to projects and supplies for the Ixil villages we support in Guatemala. We would like to encourage you to continue your donations in 2018. No matter how small…it will make a difference…Create a ripple with us in 2018! Here’s our newsletter which will speak of our efforts and accomplishments in 2017.

-Michael Ewens, Founder

Watch the ripple grow…


Drop a pebble in the water and watch its ripples grow.

What is the effect of truly caring? When we look at the big picture, it can often look hopeless. But IMAGINE what would happen if we all began to act with care and love toward our neighbors.


Eden Ixil Invitation from Jose Daniel Casia on Vimeo.

We at T.R.E. want to extend a heartfelt welcome as you visit our webpage.


We are a grass roots organization of people helping people by connecting the resources of our sponsors with the needs of the Ixil people.

By listening to the needs and dreams of the local people we are designing programs that require sweat equity of the beneficiaries to be combined with the generosity of our sponsors to make lasting indigenous orientated change. Here in the United States one of the blessings of our society is our abundance. It is a good gift that is a mixture of our efforts and the unmerited blessing of our birth. With it we can reach into the world of extreme need and transform another person’s life. We invite you to browse the different opportunities we offer and join with us walking alongside with these precious friends. Select a project be it small or large and watch the ripples of you generosity grow.



From The Ripple Effect



Coffee plants yield a good harvest for 12 years and organically grown coffee is sold for $2 a pound through a fair trade program. Vegetable gardens also provide income for the Ixil people. Your donation can help sustain this income source.

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Farm Animals

Small animals and cattle serve as seed stock creating an ongoing business opportunities as the owners either breed these animals or sell a mature animal and then buy another baby to raise.

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Water Projects

We have established gravity fed water systems for multiple villages with your donations. Please continue to help us make these systems sustainable.

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